Truck Tyre Service London

Are you looking for Truck Tyre Service for your vehicle?


Are you looking for Truck Tyre Service?

Your truck tyres should be regularly maintained and serviced to ensure the proper upkeep of your vehicle, as they are the main point of contact between your truck and the road.

At Kk tyres Mobile Tyre fitting London, we provide a one-stop solution for truck tyre maintenance and repair services. Our services are designed to enhance the experience of our customers, incorporating high-end diagnostic and servicing equipment, a wide range of truck tyres, and industry expert specialists. In addition, we specialize in providing many services for truck tyres and wheels, such as repair, replacement, alignment, balancing, and more!

Truck tyres differ from the tyres used in lightweight vehicles. The design of these tyres is different, and the rubber compounds used for the construction are also not the same.

Truck Tyre Maintenance Services

Heavy vehicle tyres are designed and manufactured to withstand excessive pressure and weight compared to standard car tyres. However, they are still susceptible to damage and needs regular maintenance and repairs. Hence, our experts suggest frequent tyre checks to determine tread wear, cracks or small punctures in the tyres.

Tyre Pressure Check

Maintaining proper tyre pressure is vital for the safety of the vehicle, truck drivers, and other road users. Accurately inflated tyre increases the lifespan of tyres, enhance fuel-efficiency, improve steering precision, and offers a smoother and comfortable driving experience. Therefore, it's essential to get your tyre pressure checked once a month for maximum driving safety and comfort. We will check the recommended tyre pressure mentioned on your owner's manual and accordingly inspect and re-inflate the tyres if needed.

Wheel Balancing

Unbalanced wheels cause premature damage to the tyres and can lead to accidents.

Wheel balancing refers to the uneven distribution of the overall weight load of the vehicle on the tyres. This can cause one side of the wheel to be heavier and the other to be lighter and cause vibrations while rotating. To fix this issue, our trained technicians thoroughly inspect the tyres and mount extra weight on the lighter side to ensure proper balancing. So every time you replace your truck tyres, do not forget wheel balancing.

Tyre Repair

Due to different road conditions and obstructions, tyres can sustain damage. Therefore, we provide tyre repair service at affordable prices. Simply get your truck to our centre, where our technicians will determine the problem and suggest a suitable solution for it. We will go ahead with the procedure only after taking your approval.

Tyre Puncture

Our technicians try to salvage the tyre as much as possible, but we do not perform repairs on tyres with extreme damage as we do not take our customer's driving safety lightly. Therefore, our team first conducts a few checks to ensure your car tyres fulfil certain necessary conditions to qualify for a repairable puncture repair. There are three widely practised puncture repair methods that we employ:

  • Plugging

  • Patching

  • Plug and patch

Tyre Retread

Every time you drive your truck, your tyres tend to wear a little. Unfortunately, this is a very common phenomenon of tyres. Our tyre retread service helps your worn-out tyres maintain a longer tread life and road-worthiness of your truck. This service also ensures maximum safety by greatly reducing the chances of road accidents.

Tyre Fitting

In some cases, the tyres are damaged to such a level that they cannot be repaired and have to be replaced. Our tyre-fitting service ensures easy installation of brand-new tyres to your truck and getting it back on the roads quickly. To maximize your convenience, we provide a mobile tyre-fitting service as well.

Wheel Reconditioning

This procedure improves the appearance of your vehicle, maximizes safety and reliability. Along with standard colours, we have custom colours available with us for wheel refinishing service. Wheel reconditioning brings the dirtiest wheels back to look brand-new and ensures accurate mounting.

Kindly call on our helpline number 02039 076820 to know more about our truck tyre service offerings. Our friendly experts will help you solve your query in the best and quickest way possible.



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