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Are you looking for TPMS Replacement for your vehicle?



Are you looking for the best TPMS Replacement London Service?

Whenever your TPMS light illuminates, it indicates one or more of your car tyres are under-inflated. Simply get the adequate amount of air pressure refilled as per the owner's specifications, and the light should automatically turn off.

Sometimes, you need to get a reset process conducted through the car's computer system. This procedure is mentioned in the owner's manual.

If the tyres have accurate air pressure and the computer is reset, yet the TPMS warning light glows up whenever you start the car, it is a sure-shot sign of malfunctioning TPMS. When this happens, you are left with one single option - to get the TPMS system replaced.

At Kk tyres, our skilled technicians can check your tyres' inflation pressure, inspect the problem in the TPMS, and if there's a minor problem, it can be fixed by our experts. However, if the problem is major, our experts suggest a TMPS replacement.

TPMS Warning Light

The TPMS light is placed on the dashboard and alerts the driver of low tyre pressure in one or more car tyres. Depending on the make and model of the vehicle there could be an ABS or a battery-powered system mounted on all four tyres or wheels of your car. This is an important safety feature because tyres with low inflation pressure increase the risk of a blowout, shorter tyre tread life, and faster tear and wear.

Types of TPMS

TPMS sensors are mainly categorized into two classes:

Direct TPMS

In this category, the sensors are placed within each tyre for monitoring specific pressure levels. They also provide the temperature readings of the tyres. The sensors collect and send the data wirelessly to your car's ECU.

Indirect TPMS

This generally depends on the wheel rim speed sensors, measuring the revolution rate of each wheel. The rate of revolution helps the computer interpret your tyre's relative size. When the wheel begins to rotate faster than usual, it depicts under-inflation and alerts the driver accordingly.

Causes of Malfunctioning TPMS

Like all the other components of the car, the TPMS system can also get damaged. Several reasons can cause the TPMS sensor to malfunction, some of which are -

  • Galvanic corrosion

  • Driving on uneven and rough terrains

  • During tyre replacement

  • At the time of sensor installation

TPMS Service at Kk tyres

Different TPMS sensors demand different maintenance and repair options. For instance, the majority of the TPMS systems do not incorporate removable batteries, as a result of which the whole sensor needs to be replaced when the battery is dead. Here are some of the TPMS Replacement Wembley services that you receive at Kktyres:

  • TPMS system battery testing

  • Replacement, installation, and programming of the TPMS sensor

  • Diagnostic inspection of TPMS sensor

  • TPMS System seals and nuts replacement

  • Resetting the TPMS after tyre installation

Regular maintenance of your car's tyre pressure monitoring system can help you maintain the car's fuel economy and extend your car tyres' lifespan.

Reach to Us

In case you are facing problems with your TPMS system or are driving with the TPMS warning light turned on, kindly do not risk your safety and get your TPMS system checked by us. Our technicians will inspect your TPMS system thoroughly, get to the root of the problem, and fix it as quickly as possible. You can call our friendly experts and book an appointment with us today!


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